Class of 2008: HSMWILDCATS_RP

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This is a High School Musical Role Playing Community

1. In order to become one of your favorite characters you have to write in application and be accepted by one of the mods.
2. If you are accepted, you must create a journal for your character and post at least once a week. The journal name must reflect the personality of your character and all of the userpics must be of that character.
3. Post all of your plots and post here in the community instead of your journal.
4. Original Characters are accepted
5. The rating of this community is rated M (NC-17) and under, If you don't want to read it then you don't join
6. If you have any questions please contact me at likeamovie, Anna at singapore or Alyssa at fromperdition
7. You can play up to 3 characters.
8. No one sentence replies. Each reply needs to be at least 4 to 5 sentences long

- Don't post comments or entries using LOL or any other internet lingo.
- Remember to lock all post friends only
- Must have tags
- All posts will be at least one paragraph in length
- Please contact me if you are going to go on hiatus at likeamovie, Anna at singapore, or Alyssa at fromperdition
- When posting, please use this form:

Below is a list of everyone involved in the HSM RP. Spots labled as "open for casting!" are spots that you can apply for.
balletbb as Gabriella Montez
tiffanytiara as Sharpay Evans
bboytroy as Troy Bolton
thefedoraplays as Ryan Evans
the_afro as Chad Danforth
[ open for casting ] as Taylor Mckessie
[ open for casting ] as Jason Cross
[ open for casting ] as Zeke Baylor
beatinthemelody as Kelsi Nielson
laxmanchace as Chace Andrews (OC Character)
cherriamour as Cherri Jacobs (OC Character)
touch_my_rod as Marco Bloom (OC Character)
xlovely_lillyx as Lily Collins (OC Character)
tijauanasaide as TJ Saide (OC Character)
hearthe_bell as Belanie Carson (OC Character)
misschrisss as Christina Newton (OC Character)
roughridersean as Sean Scott (OC Character)
evaxoxo as Eva Kumar (OC Character)
professorbadass as Eric Brady (OC Character)
uniquelytess as Tess Cooper (OC Character)
jayackles as Jay Ackles (OC Character)
ohheyvince as Vincent Penn (OC Character)

Below is a list of people that are on a hiatus and for the length of time they will be gone.