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22 December 2007 @ 01:16 am
This post is where you comment with your application filled out. A mod will look over it and deny or accept your application.
music_in_me15 on December 22nd, 2007 07:19 am (UTC)

Name: Emily
Age: 15
Country: USA
AIM // MSN //YIM: beat_tothe_melody@hotmail.com
Email Address: beat_tothe_melody@hotmail.com

Which character do you wish to play?: Gabriella Montez
Give a brief description or history of your character: Gabriella has always been the shy girl in school. Head always in a book and never having friends. That is until she came to East High. Here she found not only friends, but the love of her life Troy Bolton
Give us a sample of a third-person roleplay[sample must be at least one paragraph]:
Natalya was always someone you could count on, always the good girl. That was until her mother Maria died. It wasn't until she realized that cold rainy November day, that the last words she would ever say to her mother was "I hate You". Those words would scar Natalya for the rest of her life. Forever missing a piece in her heart Natalya focused more on her career instead of her personal life. But still always on the look out for someone to fill the pieces that were missing.
Cuál es la materia? Natalya opened her pink mobile phone wondering why her father had such excitement in his voice. Her father had always been rather aloof and quite since Natalya's mother Maria died. The only thing that would make him this happy were football tickets. "I'd love to go Papa!! When is it? Ooh I'll definitely be there." she bit her lower lip. "I love you too. Bye" Natalya shut her mobile closed and began to get ready for tonight's party. Walking into her beautiful 3 bedroom apartment in Madrid, Natalya showered quickly and began getting ready for tonight's party. She never really thought of herself as a beautiful girl but indeed she was. Beautiful tanned skin. Chocolate Brown Hair. Blue/Green Eyes. A Dazzling white smile, and a perfect body to match. She was every man's dream. "Hopefully this party won't be like last time" she sighed. All Natalya could remember from the last party her friend Alexandra had was all a big drunken haze. The only reason she actually could remember was because her wild night out was all over the tabloids. "Supermodel Natalya Santiago falls asleep at the wheel of her new Lexus. What was she thinking!!". "Never will I let myself get out of hand like that" she told herself. After putting her make-up on Natalya slipped on a beautiful tight black Dolce & Gabanna dress, and beautiful tear drop Tiffany earrings. "Tonight will be a new start in my life." She reassured herself. "Tonight I'll be looking for love".
sugared on December 22nd, 2007 07:58 am (UTC)
:D i totally approve bby.